Gameplorer`s WPColorBox (english)

Gameplorer`s WPColorBox is the easiest way to add a ColorBox effect to your images! This plugin works automatically – no need to alter any HTML code for you.

Deutsche Beschreibung: Gameplorers WPColorBox.


You can download Gameplorer`s WPColorBox from WordPress Repository or you can install it directly from your admin panel.


  • It adds the required HTML-Code automatically to all links which point to an image.
  • It doesn’t alter your posts, just the output.
  • It enqueues the ColorBox script and style.
  • You can disable enqueuing of CSS and JavaScript in the options*.
  • You can choose between 5 different UIs of ColorBox in the plugin options.
  • It automatically combines multiple images to a gallery (displays next and prev links).

* Useful if you want to enqueue it from other sources (e.g. CDN) or want to copy the code into your existing files.

Screenshots & Demo

Click on the screenshot to see a demo of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox:

Settings of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox
Settings of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox

Development Details

You develop plugins for yourself and want some details before installing new plugins?

  • This plugin uses the Settings API of WordPress – for maximal security and compatibility!
  • This plugin needs just one row in your options table.
  • If you deactivate this plugin it deletes the row in your options table, too.
  • Your posts don’t get changed in the database – just the output is altered.
  • The JavaScript will be enqueued in the footer of your site.


The jQuery Plugin is developed by @JacklMoore. Visit the official ColorBox-Site for further information.

Kommentare zu "Gameplorer`s WPColorBox (english)"

I am wanting to use your WPColorBox plugin in wordpress 3.1 but I am having some difficulty. I would like it styled as example 3 but it looks nothing like it and does not set maxheight and max width.

See my page called „this is a new one“ at

Can you help please?

Many Thanks


Hi Richard,
yes, the plugin doesn’t set a max width or height. It always shows the full size of the uploaded image (or available browser space).

If you need a smaller max size, you should resize your image before uploading it (also for performance reasons).

I hope that helps?

OK thanks, I thought that the example styles you select (version 1-5) would be like the colorbox examples page (i.e. Elastic Transition, Fade Transition, No Transition + fixed width and height (75% of screen size), Slideshow and Other Content Types) but I guess not.

The 5 styles are exactly the same files as the examples. But he uses some customized initializations in the head-section on his example page (e.g. „width: 70%“ or „transition:fade“).

To support that, I have to add some options in your backend AND add javascript-code directly into your HTML-Code. That’s not a good style and so I haven’t implemented that.
But maybe a further release should include some of the parameters?

All is great! But could you include width and height parameters as well? it’s damn necessary to customize the view of popup for different screen resolution… Thx!

How about captions?

It’s the default behavior of ColorBox: the title of the link (<a title=“my Caption“…) is displayed as caption.