Im Februar stellte Trion bereits den ersten Teil der vorläufigen Patchnotes für RIFT 1.8 zur Verfügung. Am vergangenen Freitag gingen nun weitere Änderungen auf dem Test-Server online, für die das Team die Patchnotes nun ebenfalls zur Verfügung stellte.

RIFT 1.8 wird zahlreiche Neuheiten ins Spiel bringen, darunter u.a. den neuen 20-Mann-Schlachtzug Höllendämmerung, in dem du am Ende dem Drachen Maelforge gegenüberstehst, sowie ein Gilden-Rekrutierungssystem, Bestenlisten und neue Handwerksfertigkeiten.

Aktuell stehen die (vorläufigen) Patchnotes für die neue Version nur auf Englisch zur Verfügung, eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt es wie gewohnt, wenn das Update auf den Live-Servern online geht. Welche Änderungen genau am vergangenen Freitag auf dem Testserver online gingen, erfährst du im 2. Teil der vorläufigen Patchnotes für RIFT 1.8:

RIFT 1.8 – Vorläufige Patchnotes #2


  • Added some variety to loading screens for higher level characters loading into Meridian and Sanctum.
  • PVP: The Guild Quest ‚Lowering their Defenses‘ now updates for Mercenaries.
  • Glowing Puresource will now drop during the Visions of Future Past zone event in high level zones when you’re on the Frontline of the Planes or Shield of the Land quests.


  • PTS BUG: Fixed a crash bug that could occur while fishing.
  • The tooltip when hovering over water now indicates whether you’re targeting Deep or Shallow water.
  • Survival foods have been updated and additional Fishing tweaks are now available.


  • Abilities will no longer overwrite other versions of themselves that have superior Soul Tree-enhanced bonuses.
  • While in combat, equipping weapons now triggers the global cooldown. If you are already in global cooldown at the time of equip/swap, it will cause the cooldown to be extended.



  • PTS FIX: Soothing Streams: Once again creates parallel stacks as multiple players overwrite each other on the same target, rather than everyone contributing to the same stack.



  • Degenerate: Fixed an issue with the damage portion not dealing the damage shown in the ability description.


  • Ground of Strength: The immunity effect now also grants immunity to Banish effects such as Rift Prison.


  • Lightning Rod: Fixed an issue where this was not impacting abilities that chain damage between targets, such as the Chloromancer’s Nature’s Fury.



  • False Blade: Renamed to Meditative Trance.


  • Strafe: Fixed a bug where Strafe would not deal damage when channeled on a target-of-target.


  • High Explosives: Duration increased to 8 seconds, up from 6. Now stacks up to 3 times.
  • Increased Explosive Power: Damage increased by 5-25%, up from 3-15%.
  • Bomb Specialist: Damage increased by 5-25%, up from 3-15%.
  • Combat Wounds: Now increases the damage of Spike Charge and Caltrop Charge by 15-30%, up from 10-20%.
  • Chemical Bomb, Caltrop Charge, Spike Charge: Damage increased.
  • Fragmentation Bomb: Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds from 15.
  • Carpet Bombing: Reduced cooldown to 1 minute from 2.
  • Rapid Setup: Reduced cooldown to 30 seconds from 1 minute.
  • Trench Warfare: Damage bonus from Attack Power is now increased by 5% per point spent in Saboteur above 26.


  • Effects that grant Attack Points – like the Paragon’s Weapon Master – now show up properly in the combat log.


  • Survival of the Fittest: Now increases your damage by 0.2-1% per point spent in Beastmaster, and your pet’s damage by 0.5-2.5% per point in Beastmaster.
  • Fierce Strike: Now buffs the pet rather than debuffing the target, which should help with stacking issues.


  • Deadly Strikes: No longer modifies Bleed damage effects. The first hit of Beastmaster Bleeds are still affected.
  • Destroyer’s Bearing: Now only works on physical damage Finishers.
  • Take No Prisoners: Now only increases the first hit of a Bleed effect.


  • Icy Burst: Now has slightly reduced damage and a 3 second cooldown.
  • Fiery Burst: Now has an 8 second cooldown.


  • The quest sticky usable-item icon is now a bit larger.
  • Added a proper error message for trying to preview items while polymorphed.

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