Mönch mit Gegnern bei Diablo 3Auf den europäischen Diablo 3-Servern ging am Mittwoch Patch 1.0.3 online, der zahlreiche Änderungen mit sich brachte. Scheinbar wurden jedoch nicht alle Änderungen in den offiziellen Patchnotes festgehalten, weshalb Spieler im Forum von DiabloFans damit begonnen haben, die undokumentierten Änderungen zu sammeln.

Patch 1.0.3 beinhaltete zahlreiche Änderungen, die in der Community für kontroverse Diskussionen sorgen. So wurden u.a. die Reparaturkosten erhöht, der Magiefundbonus beim Plündern zerstörbarer Objekte entfernt sowie die Bonuswerte für +Angriffsgeschwindigkeit auf Waffen und Rüstungen um 50% reduziert. Details zu diesen und weiteren Änderungen findest du in den offiziellen Patch 1.0.3-Patchnotes.

Scheinbar sind in den offiziellen Patchnotes jedoch nicht alle vorgenommenen Änderungen enthalten. Im Forum von DiabloFans haben Spieler daher damit begonnen, nicht dokumentierte Änderungen zu sammeln. Die aktuelle Liste aus dem DiabloFans-Forum findest du direkt im Anschluss.

  • General
    • The Last Stand of the Ancients event in the Festering Woods no longer spawns every game, and now has multiple positions in which it can appear throughout the zone
    • Monks now properly use all weapons in their attack animations
    • The gold reward from multiple quests has been reduced
  • Items
    • The 4-piece bonus for the Natalya’s Wrath set now grants +2 discipline regeneration per second, up from +0.42
  • Skills
    • Barbarian
      • Ancient Spear can no longer prevent Treasure Goblins from entering their portal (unconfirmed, waiting for input from Barbarian players)
    • Demon Hunter
      • Evasive Fire no longer hits enemies or objects behind walls created by Waller elites or sand doors in the zones of Zoltun Kulle’s Archives
  • Bosses
    • Zoltun Kulle teleports to the player every ~10 seconds if the player is more than half a screen away and instantly throws a fireball (this was mentioned in the official patch notes, but with „occasionally“ as opposed to the exact frequency, and with no mention of the instant fireball)
  • Monsters
    • The Vortex ability on elites now has an increased range, similar to that of the maximum range of Mortar post-patch
    • Elite packs heal all damage taken much sooner than before when not engaged combat (tested in Act II, Inferno)
    • Dark Summoners in the Halls of Agony (Act I) will now summon a normal Unholy Thrall as opposed to a champion one when left alone to complete their ritual
    • The rare pack that spawned outside the entrance to the Ancient Waterway in Dahlgur Oasis has been replaced with a single unique monster
    • Monster spawns in Highlands Crossing have been changed so that previously safe areas can now be populated by monsters
    • Upon crossing the first bridge in Highlands Crossing, two Dark Berserkers are summoned
  • NPCs
    • Rodger the Alchemist no longer sells health potions (to be confirmed for difficulties other than Inferno)
    • Radek the Fence and Kyr the Weaponsmith no longer seem to spawn in Highlands Crossing (unconfirmed, needs many runs to prove)
  • Chat
    • If you send a private message to someone and he replies, you no longer automatically enter reply mode (/r) after hitting Enter
    • The channel text colour has changed from teal to light beige
    • The game messages text colour (e.g. game joins/leaves, toggling loot display on the ground, salvage results, etc.) has changed from light beige to yellow
    • If a player playing a Battle.net game other than Diablo III comes online, the message that appears in the chat window now prefixes their name with the icon of the game (i.e. World of Warcraft)
    • It is no longer possible to send messages to party chat when not in a game (possibly a bug fix?)
  • Auction House
    • The Auctions and Completed tabs of the AH user interface now show (enclosed in brackets) the number of auctions in progress and completed, respectively
    • The item quality filter dropdown menu in the AH search interface now has colour-coded elements (i.e. blue text for magic, yellow for rare, etc.)
    • The item tooltip in the AH user interface now shows the calculated DPS (as mentioned the official patch notes) but when searching for an item, the DPS column of the result table shows the raw weapon DPS
  • Bug fixes
    • Zoltun Kulle no longer appears/talks as the player approaches the shadow locks in Unknown Depths and Storm Halls if he has been killed already
    • The Villager’s Journal lore item can now be found in an Old Keepsake Box in The Old Ruins
    • The bonus to critical hit chance granted by the Sharpshooter passive no longer resets when moving items around in the inventory

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