Gameplorer`s WPColorBox (english)

Gameplorer`s WPColorBox is the easiest way to add a ColorBox effect to your images! This plugin works automatically – no need to alter any HTML code for you.

Deutsche Beschreibung: Gameplorers WPColorBox.


You can download Gameplorer`s WPColorBox from WordPress Repository or you can install it directly from your admin panel.


  • It adds the required HTML-Code automatically to all links which point to an image.
  • It doesn’t alter your posts, just the output.
  • It enqueues the ColorBox script and style.
  • You can disable enqueuing of CSS and JavaScript in the options*.
  • You can choose between 5 different UIs of ColorBox in the plugin options.
  • It automatically combines multiple images to a gallery (displays next and prev links).

* Useful if you want to enqueue it from other sources (e.g. CDN) or want to copy the code into your existing files.

Screenshots & Demo

Click on the screenshot to see a demo of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox:

Settings of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox
Settings of Gameplorer`s WPColorBox

Development Details

You develop plugins for yourself and want some details before installing new plugins?

  • This plugin uses the Settings API of WordPress – for maximal security and compatibility!
  • This plugin needs just one row in your options table.
  • If you deactivate this plugin it deletes the row in your options table, too.
  • Your posts don’t get changed in the database – just the output is altered.
  • The JavaScript will be enqueued in the footer of your site.


The jQuery Plugin is developed by @JacklMoore. Visit the official ColorBox-Site for further information.

Kommentare zu "Gameplorer`s WPColorBox (english)"

  • I am wanting to use your WPColorBox plugin in wordpress 3.1 but I am having some difficulty. I would like it styled as example 3 but it looks nothing like it and does not set maxheight and max width.

    See my page called “this is a new one” at

    Can you help please?

    Many Thanks


    • Profilbild von Dennis Dennis sagt:

      Hi Richard,
      yes, the plugin doesn’t set a max width or height. It always shows the full size of the uploaded image (or available browser space).

      If you need a smaller max size, you should resize your image before uploading it (also for performance reasons).

      I hope that helps?

    • Richard Martin sagt:

      OK thanks, I thought that the example styles you select (version 1-5) would be like the colorbox examples page (i.e. Elastic Transition, Fade Transition, No Transition + fixed width and height (75% of screen size), Slideshow and Other Content Types) but I guess not.

    • Profilbild von Dennis Dennis sagt:

      The 5 styles are exactly the same files as the examples. But he uses some customized initializations in the head-section on his example page (e.g. “width: 70%” or “transition:fade”).

      To support that, I have to add some options in your backend AND add javascript-code directly into your HTML-Code. That’s not a good style and so I haven’t implemented that.
      But maybe a further release should include some of the parameters?

    • RL sagt:

      All is great! But could you include width and height parameters as well? it’s damn necessary to customize the view of popup for different screen resolution… Thx!

  • Dawn sagt:

    How about captions?

    • Profilbild von Dennis Dennis sagt:

      It’s the default behavior of ColorBox: the title of the link (<a title=”my Caption”…) is displayed as caption.

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